Wardens given night vision goggles to catch dog foulers

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If the idea of a man hiding after dark and spying on you with night vision goggles is enough to freak you out, then brace yourself for this new initiative.

As part of a bizarre new incentive to catch dog owners who don't clean up after their pets, wardens are to be given night vision goggles.

Costing £200 a pair, poo patrollers working for Stafford Borough Council will be equipped with the specs in order to crack down on inconsiderate owners.

Stafford Borough Council are giving night vision goggles to wardens to catch dog fouling offenders

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Stock image: Offenders can be fined £75

Wardens will be skulking in the shadows to catch offenders in the act - and the devices come complete with a built-in laser illuminator.

Any owner caught leaving their dog's mess behind can be hit with a £75 fine.

Tory councillor Frank Finlay told The Daily Mail: "These night vision goggles will help us overcome this problem and let people know that, even under the cover of darkness, they cannot get away with showing blatant disregard to their fellow citizens."

The madcap scheme has drawn quite a humorous reaction from local residents.

One local dog walker said the scheme was "a bit creepy". She added: "What are they going to do if they catch you, drop out of a helicopter on a zip-wire and slap you with a fine?"

Paul Morris, 32, told the paper: "Dog fouling is an issue but if I saw a bloke looking at me through night vision goggles I'd probably clock him one."

The council are even offering a reward of £75 to any informants who give over details of guilty persons.

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