Almost half of British women wouldn't recognise their own naked body

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A study has revealed almost half of British women wouldn't recognise themselves naked.

New research by Dove DermaSpa found a worrying 35 per cent of women wouldn't be able to pick their own naked body out of a line up.

Sadly, the report found most only pay attention to their bodies in negative situations – no wonder women feel disconnected from themselves.

Dove discovered women wouldn't recognise themselves naked

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Women mainly think of their body in a negative way

Over a third admitted they only really touched their skin when they were stressed, and 16 per cent did when they were angry.

When asked about the emotional experience they have while touching themselves, 53 per cent said they didn't know, or worse, felt nothing.

Troublingly, 18 per cent said they felt anxiety or shame in connection with touching their skin.

Dove's body connection expert Liz DiAlto said: "It's not any woman's fault that she related to her body this way – being at odds with the body is exactly what our culture breeds and awareness is the first step forwards.

"Having a deeper appreciation for the entire self, not just the physical body, makes us feel better and possess a more positive energy – taking just two minutes a day for this kind of self-care has enormous benefits."

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