Men think the worst thing women can do on a date is wear leopard print

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Men think the worst thing a woman could possibly do on a date is wear leopard print.

A new study by revealed 28 per cent of men questioned said it was their top bug bear on a first date.

When asked exactly what it was about leopard print that they hated, a whopping 47 per cent said they considered it "chavvy". Other men questioned thought the girl would be "easy", "too much hard work" and that they just think that the print is ugly.

(Um, clearly Steph Pratt, looking hot wearing leopard print below, shows that is NOT true!)

Stephanie Pratt attends The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th anniversary screening at Royal Albert Hall  in London, England on October 27, 2015

© Mike Marsland/WireImage

Here's MIC's Steph Pratt rocking the pattern

Their second-worst thing for a lady to do on a date was spend too much time on her phone... Dear whoever said that, is it possible you're just really boring?

Eighteen per cent even said they were put off when their potential partner wore too much make up.

So, men. What exactly are we allowed to wear on dates then? Apparently most chaps would be most at ease if we turned up in stripes, or a checked pattern.

Basically, we're still judged on our style of dress rather than our sparkling personalities. Cheers guys!

Grace Hamilton, from commented: "I think it came as a shock to everyone in our office that men can be this vain and actually care about the pattern of girls' clothes seemingly above all else!

"I think it's unfair to judge a girl just because she decided to wear leopard print to go on a date. Girls if you want to wear leopard print, go ahead, flaunt it!"

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