Burglar steals charity's safe but leaves behind IOU note

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British Heart Foundation shop staff were stunned when they opened up one morning to find their cast iron safe gone – and a "replica" cardboard one in its place.

Police believe a thief climbed up some scaffolding and smashed a window to break into the store in Brighton.

The charity's safe containing £350 was pinched, but an IOU note was left behind.

Thief stole a safe from The British Heart Foundation and replaced it with a fake one

© Sussex Police

The cardboard safe and IOU were left by the thief

The message: "IOU anything I took and really am sorry" was scrawled on a cardboard box the thief had left in place of the real safe.

Badly drawn, the "replica" safe also had numbers drawn on it an unusual sequence. It reads: "1, 3, 7, 8, 2, 4, 9, 3."

The burglar had also written "sorry" again on the cardboard safe.

PC Lucy Goering, of the Brighton Neighbourhood Response Team, said: "This was an unusual burglary in that the offender left an apologetic note, but this was nevertheless a significant loss for the charity concerned and we still need to trace the person responsible."

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