Sugar-crazed ponies are attacking humans for their sweets

Published Monday, Oct 26 2015, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
If there's one thing we know about horses, it's that they love Polos.

Well, one group of Quantock ponies in Somerset have become slightly addicted to the sugary treats.

In fact, their habit is making them quite dangerous – and they've even started attacking families to get their sugar-fix.

They have been roaming the land for 60 years but have become rather accustomed to junk food since visitors started feeding them mints and picnic leftovers.

Ponies are becoming so addicted to sugar, they are attacking humans for their sweets

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High on sugar and willing to do anything to get their hooves on more, the wild ponies have bitten and butted visitors and even left one woman with a broken leg.

Local authorities have been forced to issue a warning because they pose such a risk to humans.

A spokesman for The Quantock Pony Commoners Association told the Mail Online: "Feeding the ponies is dangerous…you are changing their behaviour and encouraging them to become aggressive."

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