Drunk man fell asleep on train tracks and caused 66 delays

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Waking up bleary-eyed and with a headache like thunder after a night out is something we're all used to. Couple that with regret, and you've got the perfect recipe for a nightmare hangover.

But this man will make you look like a tee-totaller in comparison.

Matthew Baddeley, 33, got so wasted he fell asleep on a train track – causing 66 trains to be cancelled and £41,000 had to be paid out to customers in compensation.

When the man from Wolverhampton was woken by police, he told them: "I thought I was at home."

Matthew Baddeley was jailed for a year after falling asleep on the train tracks

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In reality, he was snuggled up cosily on the tracks near Smethwick Galton Bridge station in the West Midlands, 10 miles away from his house.

Luckily for Baddeley, a hawk-eyed driver had spotted him and managed to slam on the train brakes.

But his stupidity came at a cost – 66 trains were cancelled and Network rail ended up paying more than £40,000 in compensation to their passengers.

He was jailed for a year at Wolverhampton Crown Court for obstructing a carriage on a railway line.

Defending him in court, Stephen Hamblett said: "He accepts he was intoxicated, even though he can't remember it. The comments to police about thinking he was at home, he can't remember those either."

Now that's one hell of a hangover.

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