Couple banned from calling their son Prince William and Mini Cooper

Published Thursday, Oct 15 2015, 17:23 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
North West, Apple, Heavenly Hiraani – we thought we'd heard all of the most bonkers baby names… until now.

A French couple has been banned by the courts, after they tried to name their son Prince William.

Prince William

© Euan Cherry/

We're sure His Royal Highness would be flattered

The very same pair, from Perpignan in the south of France, had also previously been stopped after trying to call him Mini Cooper. Some people never learn…

Apparently their desire to name their son after an absolutely ludicrous inanimate object, was fuelled by their love for the classic car.

Why Prince William then? They "thought the connection with the British royalty would be useful", according to The Daily Mail.

Fortunately, the parents were blocked by French courts. There's an article in their civil code that lets judges "protect a child from a potential lifetime of mockery" when it comes to first names.

The Daily Mail also reported another couple tried to name their daughter Nutella last year, but were thankfully stopped.

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