Where should you go on a first date? Survey reveals our choices!

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So you've met someone, felt that spark and agreed to a first date. For all you know, this could be "The One" – or at the very least some proper good fun.

But where do you arrange to meet?

The pub doesn't exactly scream romance but then again at the new Italian bistro round the corner, you run the risk of spilling carbonara all down your LBD.

MySingleFriend reveals top spots for first dates. Couple on a dinner date.

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And there was that time you went on a tandem bike ride but it ended rather badly.

A new survey by MySingleFriend.com has revealed our favourite hot spots for a first date and what it says about us.

The dating site surveyed 1000 British singletons to find out what locations we opt for when looking for love.

Site founder and TV personality Sarah Beeny said: "When it comes to dating, you can tell a lot about someone's personality and intentions based on the location they suggest for your first meeting.

"Whether they are looking for something low-key or taking a more traditional approach to dating, if they want to share their passion, interests, or even social circle with you."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of us head to the local pub. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) would invite their first date to the boozer.

However, second choice and top of the ladies' list is being wined and dined.

One in 10 want to get physical, opting for an activity like hiking or bowling to help them bond.

Fourth favourite is inviting a date along to a party, which has the added bonus of taking the pressure off and avoiding any awkward silences.

And finally there is "chilling at home" - suggestive of a hook up rather than the beginnings of your next big love affair. In fact, 31 per cent of 16-24 year olds admitted causal sex was their main reason for dating.

Sarah Beeny adds: "People use dating sites and app for all types of reasons. Some people are looking for Mr or Mrs Right, and some people are looking for Mr Right Now.

"Whatever your reasons for using online dating, be honest with the other person. As long as your are both on the same page, no one should get hurt."

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