The girl who can remember everything

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For most of us, remembering important dates, the neighbours' names or sometimes what you walked all the way upstairs for, can be a tricky task.

But Rebecca Sharrock has the exact opposite issue – because she can remember EVERYTHING.

The 25-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, can recall every meal she's eaten, birthday she's celebrated and movie she's seen.

Rebecca Sharrock has an amazing memory and can remember everything

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In fact, she can recount every single detail of her life – and recite all the Harry Potter books word for word.

Rebecca is one of just 80 people in the world to be diagnosed with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM).

She told The Daily Mirror of her earliest memory: "I remember my mum placing me in the driver's seat of the car and taking a picture of me when I was just 12 days old."

Though it might sound advantageous, Rebecca can also remember pain in the same way, even re-experiencing it.

And the wave of memories can be overwhelming, meaning she has to sleep with the radio and light on to help blank them out.

But on the plus side, she says birthdays and Christmases are hugely exciting because "I relive every one I've ever had."

We bet she'd be great at a pub quiz...

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