Adorable newborn giant panda triplets born at safari park in China

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Look at these adorable newborn giant panda cub triplets!

The fluffy threesome were born at Chimelong Safari Park in China and wasted no time in taking part in a celebration activity to mark China's National Day.

Giant panda cubs triplets at a safari park in China

© Rex Features / Xinhua News Agency / REX Shutterstock

The newborn cubs are inseparable

Although they may look like little bundles of joy, giant pandas are just as dangerous as any other bear.

They can grow to six feet long and tip the scales at more than 17st. Hard to imagine when a newborn panda is the same size as a stick of butter!

Sadly, the beautiful creatures are endangered and only 1600 are left in the wild.

Giant panda cub triplets

© Rex Features / Xinhua News Agency / REX Shutterstock

A lucky keeper cuddles one of the cubs

While they used to be hunted for their gorgeous fur, strict regulations have been put in place to protect them. But poachers often accidentally kill pandas while on the hunt for other animals.

They live a somewhat luxury lifestyle - their busy daily schedule mainly involves resting and eating. Doesn't sound too bad!

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