Wallaby on the hop from police in Gloucestershire

Published Monday, Sep 28 2015, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Gloucestershire Police had a somewhat unusual weekend, after trying to track down and catch a wallaby.

A concerned onlooker, who reported it to local officers, spotted the massive marsupial bounding down the road.

While at first they thought it was a kangaroo, its true identity was later confirmed.

Wallaby on the loose in Gloucestershire after he hopped away from police

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Despite cornering the 4ft animal, it hopped off down the road in Dursley.

Their tweets were seen by bemused locals and re-tweeted in a search for the owner.

They continued to tweet with updates on the escaped wallaby.

And later joked:

The creature is still yet to be captured... seems like the world has gone hopping mad!

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