Police storm actor's home after neighbours think dramatic rehearsal is real

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An actor was rehearsing a heated scene when he found 15 armed police officers at his door.

A conscientious neighbour had overheard Simon Gordon practicing his audition for the Carole King musical, and reported it to the police thinking he was under attack from a gunman.

Simon Gordon had his home raided by police after rehearsing a dramatic scene

© Simon Gordon / Twitter

Simon Gordon was rehearsing a scene at the time

The 25-year-old had finished going over his lines with his actor housemate Joel Harper-Jackson, when officers surrounded the house in South London.

The pair had put their scripts away and were watching the musical From Here To Eternity when the raid began at around 11.30pm on Thursday 18 September.

Another housemate, Marios Nicolaides, tweeted that he was hanging out the washing when police came knocking.

Snipers hid in the garden and the house was searched while armed police looked for a gun.

No arrests were made and no firearm was found.

Simon Gordon posted on Facebook about the raid

© Simon Gordon / Facebook

The actor posted on Facebook after the mishap

Simon Gordon told the Daily Mail: "It was an experience. The scene gets a bit heated, and one of the windows was open.

"They had sniper rifles in the garden, they came into the house and searched every room. One of the boys, Rory Taylor, came out of his room and was confronted by riot shields so he got the biggest fright. They backed him up into the living room as well.

"They had the house surrounded and we had been under surveillance for 40 minutes. They could see the surprise on our faces and I think they realised we didn't have a gun."

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