Scientists close to inventing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak

Published Friday, Sep 18 2015, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
We've all imagined what mischief we would get up to, if only we could get our hands on Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.

But thanks to genius scientists in California, our dreams of sneaking around unnoticed could finally come true. Well, in the very distant future at least.

Researchers have developed a material that can make objects disappear.

Harry Potter's invisibility cloak is one step closer to being recreated by scientists


The technology could be used on a larger scale

At the moment, it's only tiny objects of microscopic proportions – but the technology could be used on a bigger scale in the future.

Magically, the material is made from gold nanoantenna blocks that alter waves of light.

The scientists told The Sun: "This is the first time a 3D object has been cloaked from visible light."

Now if they could just invent a marauder's map and time-turner, we'd be sorted.

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