Embarrassing? Parents recreate daughter's loved up selfies!

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We've all been humiliated by our parents at some point in our lives.

Whether they're pushing your baby pictures under your new partner's nose, or telling them how you were wetting the bed aged 12, we've all been there.

Now imagine that humiliation was splashed all over the internet for the world to see.

For Emily Musson, whose parents mocked her by recreating cringey romantic selfies she'd taken with her boyfriend, that's exactly what happened.

Are these the most embarrassing parents? Emily and Johnny posed

© Twitter / Emily Musson

Are these the most embarrassing parents? Nancy and Craig posed

© Twitter / Emily Musson

The New York student started dating her boyfriend, Johnny, a few weeks ago. And the loved up pair were so keen to tell the world about their newfound romance, Emily posted photos of the pair online. LOTS of photos.

In true embarrassing parent style, Nancy, 55, and Craig, 53, thought it would be hilarious to make their own versions of the snaps. They even posted them on their daughter's Facebook wall, leaving her red-faced and mortified.

Since Emily tweeted the amusing pics, they've reached full-blown internet fame and been re-tweeted more than 40,000 times.

Are these the most embarrassing parents? Emma and Johnny selfie

© Twitter / Emily Musson

Are these the most embarrassing parents? Nancy and Craig selfie

© Twitter / Emily Musson

She told Cosmopolitan.com: "When it went viral I was confused. Like, yeah, it's funny but, like, it's more interesting if you actually know my parents.

"My mum thinks it's hilarious and claims she wants to be on Dancing With the Stars."

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