World's wooliest sheep has his six stone fleece shorn off

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The world's wooliest sheep has lost his title after his six stone fleece was shorn off.

Poor Chris was found in the Australian wild and had never had a haricut, meaning he had been cultivating his 'do for seven years.

World's wooliest sheep Chris before being shorn


Chris' fleece weighed six stone

Tipping the scales at 40.45kg, the ram's barnet was weighing him down so much, he could barely see or walk.

Well, he was walking around with 30 jumpers worth of wool on his back!

World's wooliest sheep Chris after being shorn


Chris has gone from shy to cuddly since his trim

But the RSPCA's star shearer Ian Elkins, in Canberra, has given him a new lease of life – after 45 minutes of hardcore snipping.

Ian told The Sun: "It's amazing it's survived all these years out in the wild."

World's wooliest sheep - shearer with the fleece

© Rex Features / Ray Strange / Newspix

Top shearer Ian with the fleece

And it's not just Chris' appearance that has changed.

Tammy Ven Dange from the RSPCA told The Sun: "He's gone from a very shy sheep to one that wants cuddles."

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