Barry the Bedlington terrier is a paw-fect driver

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Meet Barry the Bedlington terrier who has mastered the art of cycling and is a paw-fect driver.

Gone are the days of long walks in the countryside and fetching balls.

Barry riding his tricycle

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Barry rides his trike in Cumbria

Three-year-old Barry prefers to take his mini Rolls-Royce out for a spin.

The wheely clever pooch learned to balance on his hind legs when his owners Wayne Sowerby, 29, and Kate Hayllar put him on a skateboard as a puppy.

It may sound barking mad, but it wasn't long before the adrenaline junkie was riding a trike without stabilisers.

Wayne told the Mail Online: "I've never come across this with any other animal, Barry just seems so laid back he really enjoys it.

Barry the Bedlington terrier driving his mini Rolls-Royce

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Pedestrians beware: this driver is barking mad

"He started to experiment with the trike when was around one year old and he hasn't got off since.

'He can hold his balance a lot better now, he doesn't ever jump off he just enjoys sitting there and rolling on it for ages."

Although he can't pedal, he loves to feel the wind in his fur as he hurtles down their road in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

Wayne and Kate help their four-legged friend steer with two fishing wires they have attached to the handlebars.

Wayne Sowerby teaching Barry how to steer

© YouTube

Proud owner Wayne helps Barry steer

The canny canine has even learned to sit on the toilet and run on his owners' treadmill.

Now the couple has got him his very own set of wheels – a mini Rolls Royce.

We wonder if he's any good at parallel barking?

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