Naughty birds nick nudists' knickers while they're skinny dipping!

Published Tuesday, Jul 7 2015, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Though clothes might not factor that highly on their list of priorities, one group of nudists were mighty miffed when their clobber kept getting nicked.

Skinny dippers visiting Loch Lee in Cairngorms National Park were emerging from the water to find their garments had gone awol.

Nudists at Cairngorms National Park discover birds have been stealing their clothes

© Rex Features / Alain ROBERT/Apercu/SIPA

Skinny dippers - beware the birds!

The naked truth was only revealed when bird watchers spotted the theives in action.

It turns out that red kites were pinching the knickers and socks to line their nests.

"It was like the kites were cleaning up the glen," said local gamekeeper Dave Clement.

Nudists are now being advised to hide their clothes before heading in for a bare-fleshed frolic.

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