Bubble wrap loses its POP!

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It's the bit of any self-respecting parcel that's often more fun than the contents itself.

Yes, bubble wrap has been keeping generations young and old entertained with its little pockets of air that go "pop!" for nearly 60 years.

But a new, more cost-effective version of the plastic packaging has been designed which spells the end of the strangely satisfying squeeze.

Woman popping bubble wrap

© Rex Features / Burger/Phanie

She can't get enough of it

Sealed Air Corp's new product, called iBubble, will be shipped flat to consumers and retailers who will then use a pump to inflate it.

When you squeeze the bubbles, instead of popping, the air will pass through to the next pocket.

The news was met with despair by fans of the pop-able packaging, which has over 400,000 members on a Facebook page called Popping Bubblewrap.

There is even a National Bubblewrap Awareness Day, on 30 January.

Katheleen Schmidt took to Twitter to air her annoyance: "What is the point of life anymore. Revamped Bubble Wrap no longer pop-able."

While Boyd's Backyard wrote: "I just heard on the news that the new bubble wrap can't be popped which proves to me that evil does exist in the world..."

It's a sad day for bubble wrap appreciaters everywhere.

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