Men from Staffordshire are the pickiest daters!

Published Tuesday, Jun 30 2015, 20:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Whether you choose to swipe right liberally or carefully vet every eHarmony match boils down to where you live, apparently.

A new survey has found that our location determines how choosy we tend to be while searching for true love online.

Social dating app TrueView analysed data from their members county by county to figure out which men and women are the pickiest when it comes to responding to messages – and which are the most likely to send a wink emoji back.

If you're trying to pick up a guy from Staffordshire it's bad news as they're the pickiest of the bunch. Same goes for Northumberland, Aberdeenshire and Clwyd. However, you're in luck if the man of your dreams resides in Lothian, Flintshire or Shropshire.

As far as women go, Isle of Skye lasses are the least choosy – with Lothian ladies hot on their heels. Meanwhile, Isle of Wight gals are the hardest to impress.

The key to success online could lie in keeping it brief – but not too brief. The survey found that users with a bio containing just 10-20 words got a quicker and more successful response than people who used fewer than 10 words, or more than 20.

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