Teddy bear enters space thanks to helium balloon and Poundland heater

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A teddy bear was sent 80,000ft into space after two boys attached it to a balloon, a compact mirror and some heat packs.

Dylan and Oscar Rees, who are 12 and nine, sent their toy Uranus into the stratosphere with the help of their teacher dad, Oliver.

Uranus was strapped to a 1kg package, which included a mobile phone to track its GPS location, Poundland heat packs to stop the camera from freezing, a compact mirror and a camera to take snaps of Uranus on his incredible adventure.

Uranus became an astronaut

© Worcester News

Uranus became an astronaut

The Worcestershire-based family had planned to send Uranus to space in December, but they predicted that the bear would end up in Poland, according to Worcester News.

It took the balloon 80 minutes to reach 80,000ft, after which it burst due to the change in air pressure. Uranus then fell back to Earth in just 39 minutes, landing in a field in Northamptonshire – five miles from where he was predicted to end up.

Dylan and Oscar have since been reunited with the bear after it fell into a farmer's land in Kimbolton.

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