Earn £35k as a nail polish tester!

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It's a tough gig but someone has to do it.

Nailbox.co.uk are looking for an official nail polish tester to review their products – and get paid £35,000!

Yes, that is an actual job. Incredible, we know.

Nail polish tester needed for nailbox.co.uk

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The lucky successful candidate will receive 50 nail polishes and nail accessories a month, from top coats to nail files.

The products are all competing for a spot in the company's monthly subscription boxes.

To qualify for the coveted role, applicants must have well-maintained hands and nails. They will also have to avoid anything which might damage their hands, such as household chores, gardening and washing up. Shame.

The job can be done from home and the hours are completely flexible. And as if all the pretty products weren't enough, it comes with a salary of £35,000 a year (pro rata).

Nicholas Whitmore, managing director of nailbox.co.uk, said: "We're very excited to be hiring someone new to join our team.

"We'll be sending over a lot of products and will expect all of them to be reviewed, so this will be hard work!" he assures us.

Still, getting paid to paint our nails? We're in!

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