The cutest koala pictures in the world?

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The concerned look on this tiny koala's face says it all.

Six-month-old Phantom places a caring paw on mum Lizzy as she undergoes life-saving surgery after being hit by a car in Brisbane, Australia.

Phantom the baby koala looks after mum Lizzy as she undergoes surgery

© Rex Features / Megan Slade/Newspix

Phantom looks concerend as mum Lizzy has surgery

While the fluffy joey came out unscathed, Lizzy suffered a collapsed lung and was taken to Australia Zoo in Queensland for treatment.

She underwent the emergency op while her baby looked on lovingly, willing her to get through it.

Phantom the baby koala cuddles mum Lizzy as she recovers from surgery

© Rex Features / Ben Beaden/Australia Zoo

"It's ok mummy, I'll look after you"

Sensing that this was his mother's hour of need, little Phantom climbed on to his mother's back to give her the most tender of cuddles.

Treating vet nurse at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Jamie-Lynn Hevers said: "While Lizzy suffered a collapsed lung and some facial trauma, she is in recovery and we're happy to say she is doing well."

Phantom the baby koala in knitted sleeping bag

© Rex Features / Megan Slade/Newspix

"Could I BE any cuter?"

After her near miss, Lizzy is recuperating well, with the help of antibiotics. And of course, a gentle, helping hand from her adorable Phantom.

All together now: "Awwwwwww."

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