Tortoise treks 20 miles in search of a lady friend!

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One tortoise felt so frisky, he escaped home twice to look for love!

Debbie Acton, 42, has had Bobby the tortoise since she was five years old so she was understandably concerned when he went missing on 19 May.

Bobby the tortoise escapes home twice in his quest for love

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The mum-of-three emailed friends around her home in Coventry and put up posters of her missing pet.

Thankfully, he'd been found in a stable and taken in for safe-keeping by a woman in Solihull.

However, after being taken home, he made a second bid for freedom just a day later and was this time discovered in an allotment!

The trekking tortoise had covered 20 miles in total!

Debbie believes he is in mating season, as he's never tried to escape before and has been humping shoes recently.

But now she's found a way to keep Bobby satisfied and safe.

Debbie was quoted in the Mailonline, saying: "He's been unsuccessful in love but I've managed to find him a ladyfriend on Facebook, who is owned by a woman over in the next village.

"Someone sent me a link to a GPS tracker which you can fit on to him, and then monitor through your mobile phone, so I might do that."

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