Missing dog turns up 153 miles away!

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One couple mustn't be able to believe their luck after their missing dog turned up - 153 miles away!

Helen and Matthew Nutter were on holiday with their pet pooch Tilly in Towyn, North Wales, when she suddenly gave chase to a rabbit.

Missing dog turns up 153 miles away!

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Unable to catch her, the couple spent the rest of their holiday looking for the spaniel cross and putting up posters around the resort.

They even put up posts on Facebook, offering a £500 reward but no one responded.

After two weeks, the couple had returned to their home in the Wirral and had all but given up on ever seeing their pet again.

So they must have been over the moon to get a call from a man In Worcester. He'd purchased the dog from a stranger but had quickly realised Tilly hadn't been for sale.

Helen, 30, was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: "We are so happy to have her back."

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