Baby gorilla catches piggy-back off mum!

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We all know life can be tiring, so it's a good job this baby gorilla can catch a lift off his mum!

Little Mjukuu looks absolutely pooped as he snuggles up to his mum Mbeli. Thank goodness she has a comfy back for him to rest on.

Baby gorilla gets a piggy back from mum

© Rex Features / Braden Fastier / Newspix

The baby gorilla catches a lift from their mum

And although all mum's think their little one is special, Mjukuu is very important because he is the first baby to be born in Taronga Zoo to Mbeli and his dad, silverback Kibali, who arrived in Sydney, Australia from a French zoo last year.

The zoo are hoping the female gorillas will breed with Kibali and Mjukuu is their first sign of success!

Primate keeper Richard Buzas was quoted in the Daily Telegraph, explaining that Mbeli is thriving as a new mum: "She's awesome. Being a first-time mother, she's done exceptionally well."

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