Pensioner fights off armed robbers with umbrella!

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Two criminals got a lot more than they bargained for when they broke into an 89-year-old's house - and she beat them off with an umbrella!

Mildred Unsworth was in her family home when two men burst in with cable ties and tape. They beat her son, Neil, 67, and sprayed him with CS gas.

89-year-old woman fights off burglars with umbrella

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But although Mildred, approaching her ninth decade, may have looked like an easy target, she clearly wasn't.

Instead, she fought back against the two men with her unlikely weapon.

And the two men were finally scared off when her daughter-in-law and Neil's wife, Frances, also 67, joined in with her walking stick.

The crooks were forced to flee, one with facial injuries. We bet they weren't expecting that!

The case went to court after a driver spotted Mortlock's wounds and the police matched his DNA to the house.

It was discovered that the house had been targeted by a business associate of Neil's - a jeweller - called Peter Singleton, 53.

Although he didn't take part in the raid, he recruited Edward Brown, 52, and Philip Mortlock, 59, who admitted aggravated burglary at Preston Crown Court.

Brown was jailed for nine years and nine months and Mortlock for nine years and two months.

Singleton was planning to fly to the Philippines but was arrested at the airport. He was jailed for seven years and two months after admitting encouraging an offence and aiding an offender.

Judge Pamela Badley said: "The determination of the victims meant the attackers did not find them an easy target."

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