Sea lion tries to pinch angler's catch - then drags him into sea!

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This sea lion looks like he is monkeying around, trying to pinch a fisherman's catch of the day.

But just minutes after this picture was taken, the mammal grabbed Daniel Carlin's arm and dragged him into the sea!

Cheeky sea lion tries to pinch Daniel Carlin's catch of the day

© abc10News / Dan and Trish Carlin

The sea lion then pulled Daniel into the sea

We imagine the 62-year-old angler, who'd been fishing in San Diego, first thought it was funny when the peckish animal tried to make off with the fish he was being snapped with.

But the 300lb creature caught hold of Daniel's arm at the same time and ended up dragging him into the sea.

After being pulled along for 20ft, the sea lion's grasp finally loosened and Daniel, from California, managed to get away and swim back to the boat, where his wife Trish was watching, horrified.

He was taken to hospital with bite wounds and cuts to his hand and leg but was released after his injuries were treated.

Daniel said to news station ABC10: "The minute Trish said 'smile', a sea lion came up and grabbed my hand and the fish at the same time, ripped my arm straight down right here, crushing my chest with unbelievable force."

"It was terrifying. When the sea lion was taking me down and I was going at that rate of speed I knew I was going to die. This wasn't this could be it - this was this is it."

Lt John Sandmeyer, who was dispatched to the scene, said that the attack was rare, as sea lions tend to keep to themselves.

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