Tortoise given wheels after front legs gnawed off by rats

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We all know tortoises are slow-movers, but Mrs T can now move at double her previous pace after being fitted with wheels!

The 90-year-old pet went into hibernation as normal but when her owner, Jude Ryder, went to check on her in their shed last month (March 2015), she discovered her front legs had been gnawed off by rats. Poor Mrs T!

Mrs T the tortoise has been fitted with wheels after having her front legs gnawed off by rats

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Mrs T is now the speediest tortoise around

Thankfully vets saved her life but they couldn't do anything to replace her missing limbs.

However, along with her son, Dale, 56-year-old old Jude had the perfect solution - to attach wheels to the front of Mrs T's shell!

Now, not only can the turtle move again, she is even quicker than before.

Dale received Mrs T as a pet when he was eight and called her after Mr T from the TV series, The A Team.

Jude, from Pembroke, Wales, was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: "It was like fitting her with a turbo charger - she's going double the speed she used to. She seems quite happy - but it's difficult to tell with a tortoise."

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