A load of pants! "New undies" addict faced bankruptcy

Published Wednesday, Apr 22 2015, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
We've heard of lucky pants, but one man's obsession with new undies left him facing bankruptcy.

Curt Almond, 26, became addicted to wearing a pair of new boxer shorts every single day after the breakdown of his relationship.

Boxer shorts - Curt Almond faced bankrupcty over his addiction to wearing new boxers every day

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He splashed out £40 a week on the Calvin Klein kegs, amounting to a whopping total of £2,000 for 365 pairs of pants in the past year.

With his savings wiped out, Curt realised he had to put a halt to his habit. The Nando's manager told The Sun: "I tried to pick up odd jobs to fund my love but it still wasn't enough. I was left with a choice – bankruptcy or boxers."

Eventually Curt took the plunge: "For the first time in a year I mustered up the courage to wash them."

Well at least there's no danger of him turning them inside out for one more wear – because boys, that's just grim!

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