Bigamist caught out by ice bucket challenge post!

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A bigamist has been caught out by his first wife - by an ice bucket challenge video posted onto Facebook.

Andrew O'Clee had gotten away with being married to two women until his brother John and baby nephew Charlie nominated "Uncle Andrew and Auntie Philipa" to throw cold water over themselves, which was spotted by his first wife and started the spiral of his downfall.

Bigamist Andrew O'Clee was caught out by Ice Bucket challenge facebook post

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O'Clee met Michelle, 39, back in 2000 and the couple were together for eight years before they tied the knot in 2008.

However, the 36-year-old began seeing toy firm manager, Philipa in 2011.

When he decided he wanted to wed his mistress as well, rather than divorcing Michelle, he told her had to go into witness protection because of a fraud case at work.

He explained that he had to move to a safe house and, for her safety, she couldn't know its location.

O'Clee, from Chiddingfold, Surrey, even forged a decree absolut to Michelle, so his family believed their marriage was over.

However, this wasn't true at all and Michelle even gave birth to their first child after he'd married Philipa, turning up five hours late to cut the umbilical cord.

Michelle didn't realise something was wrong until she saw the post on social media and, after then coming across his wedding pictures to Philipa, she called the police.

Michelle told Chichester Crown Court: "I had no reason not to trust Andrew. In 2012, he told me he had a new job and work was involved in fraudulent issues.

"Looking back, I feel completely stupid and naive for not thinking something was wrong - I believed my life was in danger."

Patrick Duffy, defending him, said Philipa, 30, wanted to remain with O'Clee.

Judge Christopher Parker QC jailed him for eight months and said: "You began to develop a complicated and absurd lie - all of which was a complete nonsense, but it enabled you to live a double life. You are a shameless liar."

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