The family with the world's widest tongues - pictures!

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People break world records for all kinds of weird things but we definitely think this is the oddest!

Because teenager Emily Schlenker has the widest tongue of a female in the entire world. Talk about a claim to fame!

The world's widest tongues

© Guinness World Records

Emily's tongue is 7.3cm

The 14-year-old's mammoth muscle stretches 7.3cm across - crikey!

And it's probably not surprising it's so big. as her father Byron has the widest tongue over all, measuring in at an impressive 8.6cm.

World's widest tongues

© Guinness World Records

Byron's dad is 8.6cms

The dad and daughter from New York, US, now both appear in the Guinness Book of Records.

Byron, 47, says: "I love the attention."

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