Endangered creatures are being hand-reared at Melbourne Zoo!

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Check out this cute little creature! How adorable is he?!

If, like us, you didn't know quite what he is, he's an Eastern Barred Bandicoot and there's a reason you may not know what he is.

Eastern Barred Bandicoots are being hand-reared at Melbourne Zoo

© Rex Features / James D Morgan

An Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Because this endangered species is extinct in the wild and they would be gone forever if not for the work of a recovery programme.

It's no wonder they came so close to dying out, as they have no natural defences against animals like cats, foxes and feral dogs.

For the past 20 years, they've been bred in Melbourne Zoo and hand-reared by the zoo staff. But now, they're finally being released into protected areas to start re-establishing them in the wild.

So, despite being just a few months old, this little one therefore has a very important task ahead of him already.

We hope he thrives in his new home!

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