Specially-made espresso machine is being "shot" into space!

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All sorts of things have been sent up into space - and now an espresso machine is set to join the list!

The hot beverage maker was made especially to work in the gravity-free conditions thousands of feet above earth.

Espresso machine is sent into space

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We bet the astronauts will love their fresh coffee

The move came after Italian Samantha Cristoforetti complained that she was sick of drinking instant whilst onboard the International Space Station.

The coffee-maker is being sent up with 4,000lbs of food supplies to Samantha and her fellow astronaut, who will both remain in space until next March.

And that's not their only luxury - they already have email, the ability to make phone calls and they can view live news and sports broadcasts.

Nasa's space station programme deputy manager Dan Hartman said: "They psychological support is very, very important. It's kind of like when we fly ice cream every now and then. It's just to boost spirits. Maybe some rough day, a scoop of ice cream gets them over that hump."

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