Optical illusion! Is the cat going up or down the stairs?

Published Friday, Apr 10 2015, 12:55 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Remember the black and blue dress everyone thought was white and gold? Well, now, we're all wondering if this cat is going up or down the stairs?

Yes, it's another optical illusion that you can waste hours on trying to figure out and exchange heated words over with your family, friends and colleagues as you see different things.

Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

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Do you think the cat is going up or down?

At first, it seems as if the moggy is going downstairs, with his white paw heading towards the floor.

But, as you look at it longer, the picture shifts and it appears as if the kitty is running upstairs, towards the person with the camera.

The puzzling picture first appeared on 9gag.com and attracted over 3,600 comments.

But what do you think???

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