Man's pease pudding is mistaken for explosive

Published Tuesday, Apr 7 2015, 20:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
A man was left stunned when airport security thought his pease pudding was an explosive.

The unnamed Geordie was travelling back to his home in Sussex when he was stopped by guards at Newcastle Airport and had six tubs of the Northern grub - and his pies - removed from his hand luggage.

Man's pease pudding is mistaken for explosive at Newcastle Airport

© Rex Features / Steve Meddle

The Geordie's dish was mistaken for a bomb

The 58-year-old was quoted in the Daily Mirror, saying: "One of the security guys told me, 'technically this could be classed as Semtex.' I told them they could taste it if they wanted to."

Semtex is a general purpose explosive that became popular with terrorists because it was, until recently, difficult to detect.

After the culinary confusion was cleared up, he was allowed to board his easyJet flight to Glasgow - with the suspicious food.

The airport said they couldn't comment on security matters.

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