Dog saves owner's life when he choked on pickled onion!

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One dog certainly proved herself to be man's best friend after she saved her owner's life by performing an inadvertent Heimlich manoeuvre!

Alan Spencer, 67, was enjoying his dinner when a pickled onion suddenly got stuck in his windpipe.

Alan Spencer was saved by his labrador when he choked on a pickled onion

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After frantically trying to dislodge the troublesome vegetable himself, the lucky pensioner from East Yorkshire, admits: "I was absolutely petrified. I was coughing and choking and leaping about trying to get it free. I felt the life going out of me. It was scary."

But as soon as his pet, Lexi the labrador, realised her owner was in trouble, she sprung into action.

The retired club singer says he felt "an almighty crash" as the heroic hound landed on his back, causing the onion to shoot back out of his mouth. How amazing is that?!

Alan's friends now call 18-month-old Lexi a "little hero", and she has been spoiled with treats ever since.

We think she definitely deserves them!

By Emma Taplin

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