Man opened packet of crisps to find a whole potato inside!

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It's always reassuring to see your packet of crisps is "100 per cent British potatoes", but one man was left shocked when the only thing his bag contained was a spud!

Richard Bootman, 25, was ready to dig into his Snackrite steak and onion crisps from Aldi, but upon opening there were no crisps – just a full potato.

Man finds potato in crisp packet, 26/3/15

© Twitter / Richard Bootman

The architectural designer from Suffolk had a good laugh with his colleagues in Bury St Edmonds, before uploading a snap of the snack mishap to Twitter.

Richard was quoted on saying: "I picked it up and it was airtight so I didn't question it.

"When I realised what I was, everyone in the office laughed. We couldn't believe it."

The chap got the 25g bag from a multipack and said the packet looked clean inside, as if it had never held crisps. And the potato was even covered in oil, as it if it was about to be cooked!

Shot of the potato found in crisp packet

© Twitter / Richard Bootman

Aldi have since apologised to Richard and have offered him a refund for his spud trouble.

Richard added: "It is likely I will buy them again. But I will feel up the pack before I open them."

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