Cheeky pig banned from drinking after headbutting pub's customers!

Published Wednesday, Mar 25 2015, 18:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
We've all heard of humans having one too many after a night in their local - but a pig?

Yet Ian Taylor Ross's pet porker, Frances Bacon, has been getting up to all sorts of trouble after sipping leftover pints at his pub in West Norwood, south London.

The 43-year-old landlord has had to place a no-alcohol rule on his Vietnamese Pot-Belly, who really can't handle her drink and started headbutting boozers at the Conquering Hero!

Pot-Bellied Pig

© Getty Images / Dave Blackey

Ian and his wife, Vicky, 39, have had the rebellious pig since she was six weeks old but now fully grown at four years old, she's been getting up to mischief at the establishment.

Ian was quoted in the Daily Express explaining: "We've had to bar her from having a beer. She managed to nick a pint or two and then started butting into people."

And it's not just booze she's after. Frances will often gorge on the salty snacks in the pub, including - rather ironically - pork scratchings. The couple have had to move the nibbles on to a higher shelf.

The unruly pet is pretty popular with the pair's kids, Tavis, nine, Ruby, six, and Mary, three. The family often take Frances on a lead and, despite her drunken outbursts, she's a big hit with the pub's regulars, too.

Vicky added: "She's just like a dog really, only craftier."

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