Cute baby animal snap alert! Check out these mega sweet sugar gliders!

Published Wednesday, Mar 25 2015, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
We couldn't resist cooing over these adorable little sugar gliders – just look at the cuties!

These furry critters are just 12-weeks-old and you can see just how super-small they are in this picture.

12-week-old sugar sliders from Wild Action Zoo, Macedon, Australia. 23/3/15

© Rex Features / Jay Town / Newspix

The irresistible duo were born at Wild Action Zoo in Macedon, Australia. And their names are pretty sweet too – the siblings have been called Tiny and Tim. Aww!

Sugar gliders belong to the same family as kangaroos and koalas and originally come from the rainforests in Australia and Indonesia.

They love to live in social family units – so much so, if they don't get social interaction, they get depressed!

But luckily Tiny and Tim have got each other as company. We bet they'll get up to all sorts of cheeky trouble together…

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