A man becomes a millionaire overnight - but just for 10 days!

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We all love checking our bank account and discovering we have more money than we expected.

So imagine how Kieran McKeefery felt when he found that an eye-watering £1,250,000 had been deposited into his account.

Kieran McKeefery discovered he had £1.25m in his bank account

© Rex Features / Paul Brown

We wish someone would put £1.25m in our account!

After his incredible online surprise, the 21-year-old from South Yorkshire called Natwest to ask where the money had come from and they told him it was from an investment company.

And even though it was undoubtedly a mistake, incredibly his bank said they couldn't correct it and that he'd have to wait for the firm to take the money back.

Kieran was quoted in the The Sun saying: "I didn't know what to do. I was buying a new car the next day and I could have paid cash."

After a long 10 days, the money was retrieved by its rightful owner - but Kieran was still quids in, as it had earned him an interest of £204, which they haven't asked for back.

It must have been nice to dream!

By Kimberley Bastin

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