Scientists discover a way to make wine without the hangover!

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It almost sounds too good to be true - being able to drink wine without the hangover.

But scientists reckon they've found a way to create a bottle of vino that won't leave you with a headache and queasy tummy the next day.

Glass of wine

© Getty Images / Walter Zerla

They believe that, by altering the DNA of yeast in the alcohol, that morning-after feeling will be no more.

Just imagine waking up after a boozy night without a hangover.

It all sounds pretty scientific to us, but it basically involves using an enzyme called nuclease, which acts as a "genome knife" to cut through the DNA in booze and alters the yeast strains that are used in the process of making the alcohol.

Professor Yong-Su Kin and his team at Illinois University discovered that winemakers can then clone this enzyme, which helps to enhance the booze-making process and make the wine smoother.

In turn, this means fewer toxic byproducts will be produced – and these are the things that leave you with a sore head after too many glasses.

What's more, this process may mean that the wine in question could have more health benefits. Sounds good to us.

It's not just alcohol, either. The study, which was published in the Journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, also believes this discovery will improve the nutrition of other fermented foods, like bread, beer and pickles.

We'd definitely try a glass - just for research purposes, of course!

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