Fancy living like Fred and Wilma Flintstone?

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If you're a big fan of the Flinstones, we have some exciting news for you - a farmer has built a B&B just like Fred and Wilma's family home!

But we have to warn you, you'll have to be pretty hardy to survive a night at the Iron Age Roundhouse.

B&B in Devon is just like the Flintstones family home

© Rex Features / Everett Collection

Would you like to live with Fred and Wilma?

The B&B in Devon, which charges £170 a night, offers an open fire for cooking and a single cold tap, with an outhouse compost toilet and shower.

And forget about taking your straighteners or phone chargers - there's no electricity in this back-to-basics bed-and-breakfast.

Farmer Charles Cole was quoted in The Telegraph, saying: "Couples love it because it is so romantic, it's totally shut off from the world. You go into a different time really.

"Then, there are the families, who really seem to love it, although we do ask that little mischiefs don't come because of the open fire in the middle. It will also appeal to people interested in eco-living and historians interested in the past."

With such basic amenities, it's hardly going to have you shouting yabba-dabba-doo - but we bet it would be a right laugh!

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