Rare porcelain mug bought for less than £100 makes £45,000 at auction!

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A cup that was included in a collection of pottery that was bought for less than £100 has just sold for nearly £45,000 at an auction!

A dealer bought it with various other items after he spotted another piece he liked on a tray.

"£100" cup sold for £45,000

© Peter Wilson Auctioneers

The cup was bought by accident with other pottery

He had no idea the porcelain beaker beaker with the chipped rim was worth anything, until he took it to an auctioneer, who immediately recognised the markings on the base.

It was one of only two pieces made by Chelsea porcelain and is an incredible 266 years old. We're surprised it isn't in worse nick!

Because of its condition, auctioneers believed the 3in container would only make £100-200 but after a bidding war, it eventually went for £37,000. So, with fees, the buyer paid a whopping £44,400.


Chris Large, of auctioneers Peter Wilson of Cheshire was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: "Chelsea porcelain was at the top of the tree in terms of quality. It was a status symbol, a bit like getting out your best crystal while entertaining today.

"Needless to say, the vendor is over the moon with the outcome."

We wonder if any of our coffee mugs are worth that much?!

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