Romantic man proposed to girlfriend over 365 days without her knowing!

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While some men find proposing once hard enough, one man popped the question to his girlfriend every day for a whole year - but she had no idea!

Dedicated Dean Smith filmed all 365 proposals and made them into a video that was set to Bruno Mars' Marry You song – aww!

Dean Smith holding proposal whiteboard to camera for Jennifer Kessel

© YouTube / Dean Smith

Back in 2014, the romantic bloke from Arizona decided on his girlfriend Jennifer Kessel's 26th birthday, that he wanted to marry her.

So over the next year, he held up a note every single day asking for her hand in marriage.

The video, which was unveiled on a family holiday in the Caribbean, begins with Dean saying: "You've probably realised that your birthday surprise is in the form of this video.

Dean Smith proposing to Jennifer Kessel while brushing teeth

© YouTube / Dean Smith

"What you don't know is that I've been planning this birthday surprise for over a year now."

It then cuts to a clip that Dean made on Jennifer's year on the previous year, where he reveals: "I just wanted to make this video to tell you that today is the day that I decided I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

The footage continues with Dean holding whiteboards that messages such as "Jennifer, will your marry me?' and "Make me the happiest man in the world", while he was doing tasks such as brushing his teeth, doing the laundry and eating his breakfast over the next 365 days.

Dean Smith proposing to Jessica Kessel on beach

© YouTube / Dean Smith

At the end of the video, Dean asked Jennifer to turn around, where she found him down on one knee with the whiteboard in hand, ready to pop the question one final time.

A tearful Jennifer said yes amongst cheers and woops from family and friends who had gathered on the beach.

We're not surprised she accepted - what a romantic idea!

Check out the whole video below:

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