The curry that's so hot, the chef needs to wear a gas mask to make it!

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How much spice can you handle? It would have to be a lot to enjoy the curry that is so hot, the chef needs to wear a gas mask to cook it!

The seriously hot concoction even has a disclaimer that diners have to sign before tucking in. Crikey, we're nervous already!

Shot of chillies

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Named "Crocodile Inferno", the £15 dish is so fiery, just a few brave eaters have managed to finish it.

It's made from crocodile meat, along with fiery Naga chilli and - if you're up for a challenge - you can buy yourself one at The Dilshead in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Tony Uddin, owner of the eatery, was quoted in The Sun, saying: "The crocodile bites you back as you eat it."

Ouch! We don't think we're brave enough to even taste this spicy number…

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