Love kitties? There's an actual cat island in Japan!

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If you're a cat lover, you may want to book a flight to Japan pronto, as there's a whole island dedicated to kitties!

Nope, we're not kidding. Cat Island is a real place that is home to over 120 furry felines.

Group of cats

© Getty Images / Terry Kruse

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There's so many of them - and the island is so small - the pussies outnumber humans six to one there!

The mile-long Aoshima island originally introduced cats as a way to deal with the mice that were plaguing the fishermen's boats.

But they ended up staying and multiplying – and now they've pretty much overtaken the southern Japanese island, as there's only a few pensioners living there.

However, despite there being no restaurants, cars or shops, feline fans flock to the island on day trips to see them all.

Sounds like the purr-fect trip!

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