Man wakes up to find his testicles removed after going for a drink

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A Russian soap star who went out for a drink with a woman woke up the next day to find his testicles had been removed.

Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, was approached at a bar by a "young blonde woman" after his performance in a theatre in Moscow.

After having a drink and sharing a kiss, she invited the married man back to her sauna where they kissed and drank some more beer.

Man in underwear

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But the next thing he knew, he was waking up at a bus stop in extreme pain, with his trousers covered in blood.

He was rushed to hospital where medics confirmed he had been castrated.

After examining the area, they saw that the skin was cauterised and that it was a clean cut, suggesting the removal had been done by a professional, presumably a doctor or vet.

Dmitry was quoted in The Sun explaining: "I remember going to the sauna to get a taxi and having a beer but nothing after that."

Experts believe he could have been drugged, which would cause relaxation and amnesia so the testicles could be easily removed.

At first the actor, who currently works as a children's animator, was so ashamed he told his wife he'd needed surgery on his genitals due to a "sudden serious illness."

Police are now trying to track a gang that they believe may be selling human organs on the black market.

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