Woman beats incredible odds to give birth to twins for the THIRD time!

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The chance of having three sets of twins is five million-to-one but one mum has thrashed the odds and has had six children in just four years!

Afat Ajasch, 26, recently gave birth to Yasmin and brother Chamden in Hadera, Israel - despite already having two other sets of twins.

Twin babies' feet

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Afat's husband, Saed, was quoted in the Daily Mirror exclaiming: "When my wife had her six-week scan and told me we were going to have twins again, I didn't believe her.

"I knew the chances were astronomical."

A very happy Afat added: "We love children, Luckily, we have a big house and there's plenty of space for all of us."

The twins are not identical as they came from separate eggs - so that will hopefully make it a bit easier for the proud parents!

Dr Chaim David, head of the delivery ward at Hillel Jaffe Hospital where the pair were born, said: "It is truly incredible."

At least they've got a lot of experience behind them this time around!

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