Randy rhino rams mum and toddler in car

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Close contact with animals is all part of the experience when visiting a safari park but having one charge at your car is a little too close for comfort if you ask us.

A rampant rhino left a mum and toddler shaken up - physically and emotionally - after he mistook their grey 4x4 for a mate and rammed into it.

Randy rhino charges car in West Midlands Safari Park

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Vicky Liggins, 29, was driving through West Midland Safari Park with her 19-month-old daughter, Evelyn, and sister Beth Rees, 26, when the horny animal pounced on their Mitsubishi Warrior.

His randy rage caused £500 worth of damages.

Vicky, from the West Midlands, was quoted in The Sun, stating: "Rhinos were in front of us on the road. All of a sudden there was one behind us sniffing the car.

"It shunted us with such force that the back wheel lifted off the floor. We were petrified but couldn't drive away because of the rhinos in front."

Luckily, a ranger rescued the trio and they received £250 compensation for the rampant rhino's outburst.

Let's hope he learns to control himself in the future.

By Emma Stanoch

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