Check out this picture of a newborn turtle - he's super-small!

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Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you; this turtle really is as tiny as it looks!

This teeny critter was born at Bergzoo Halle, a small zoo in Germany, and understandably, staff couldn't resist taking a few snaps.

Roti island snake-necked turtle born at Bergzoo Halle, Germany, 20/2/15

© Rex Features / Action Press

Just look at the size of its shell compared to the fingers holding it!

This particular type of turtle is known as a Roti Island snake-necked turtle, hence the long throat. In fact, their necks can grow a whopping seven to nine centimetres, the same length as their shell!

These cuties are only found in Roti, a small island in eastern Indonesia and sadly, they are one of the rarest turtles in the world. They're becoming endangered as they're often taken for the pet trade.

Fortunately, births like this are helping to stop these adorable reptiles from becoming extinct.

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